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    Our History

    Santa Barbara Charter School opened September 15, 1993, on the campus of Goleta Valley Junior High School. The school was founded as a result of the commitment of a group of parents and educators who wished to affirm… Read More

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    Santa Barbara Charter School: your choice for public education.

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    Our Mission

    The mission of Santa Barbara Charter School is to cultivate learning in the areas of arts, academics, and relationships. We are a materials-based program and believe that learning takes place when students have an opportunity to construct meaning… Read More

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    Parent Alliance

    The Parent Alliance is a group of parents and teachers coming together to actively foster a spirit of cooperation and a sense of support, pride and enthusiasm, in order to nurture a sense of community within the school…. Read More

Hopes and Aspirations

We recognize that children learn everywhere and all the time. Our job is to notice and capitalize on this fact and provide experiences that maximize a student’s opportunities. Our specific mission is to cultivate learning in the areas of the arts, academics, and relationships. Our greatest hope is to continue providing opportunities for children to learn in a non- traditional setting. In particular, we believe that it is vital for us to make materials-based classroom learning and HomeBased learning available to our students and the community.

We are a small school by design. We believe that students thrive in environments where they are known. Relationships are as important for academic development as they are for social and emotional development. The beauty of being small is that our decision making process is flexible and responsive. We can address significant concerns and implement solutions on a school-wide basis in a matter of days. Moreover, we believe that students and teachers are safer in an intimate learning community.
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We have a new website!

If you visited our website recently, you probably noticed that now it looks different. That is because we developed a completely new website, from the ground up. The motivations behind the project were many: Making it easier to… Read More

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Local Control and Accountability Plan

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is an evaluation and planning tool used to provide details regarding local educational agencies’ (LEAs) actions and expenditures to support pupil outcomes and overall performance pursuant to Education Code sections 52060, 52066,… Read More

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2013-2014 (Prop 30) Education Protection Account

The passage for Proposition 30 from the November 2012 elections created the Education Protection Account to collect the temporary increase in taxes through 2017-18. The Santa Barbara Charter School projects to receive $58,356.00 for fiscal year 2013-14 which… Read More

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