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Why come to a Vision Tour at SBCS?


They are inspiring–and your participation helps the whole SBCS
Vision tours are the first step in learning about our shared values, goals and vision for the future. During a tour, we share stories of students whose lives have been changed for the better. You will walk away with a clear idea of what makes SBCS special and the ability to articulate that to others.
You chose SBCS for your children for a reason.  Perhaps it was the emphasis on the arts. Perhaps it was our focus on children’s individual needs. Maybe it was our particular approach to building relationships and community in a warm, smaller environment that cherishes individual uniqueness in our students. We are a community bonded together by these shared choices and our shared vision of what a great education can and should look like.
Vision tours last less than an hour, are completely free and you will not be asked for money during or after a tour. Following the tour, you will receive a follow up call asking for your feedback about the tour. We want to know what you think and how we are doing!


We think this may be the best hour of your whole week!

Tours are a great way to introduce grandparents, friends, colleagues, and other community members to our work. Then, if they are inspired and excited by our work, you can consider inviting them to our annual fundraising luncheon on Wednesday March 1st, 2017. This one hour, lunchtime event will celebrate the best of SBCS. At that time, our guests will have the opportunity to make a gift or pledge to support our work. The event is free and there is no minimum (or maximum) donation!


Please RSVP to Laura Donner at or call the office at 967-6522. Dropping in is okay, too! All tours start in front of the office.


Next Tours for Fall of 2016:


Friday, September 16th

12:30pm Kindergarten and all families welcome!

4:30pm Alumni and families of alumni tour—snacks provided


Monday, September 26th

8:30 am Everyone welcome!


Friday, September 30th

4:30pm Alumni and families of alumni tour—snacks provided


Friday, October 14th

12:30pm Everyone welcome!


Wednesday, October 26th

6:00 pm Everyone welcome!


Please RSVP to Laura Donner at (805) 967-6522. Dropping in is okay, too! All tours start in front of the office.


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