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“Santa Barbara Charter School nurtures lifelong learners by cultivating the interest and building the skills of both students and their families in the arts, academics, and relationships”

Your participation is crucial

Whether participating in school programs, joining our parents association, or financially contributing to the school fund raising programs, there are many reasons for you and your family to support the Santa Barbara Charter School:

  • Your involvement in our school is a critical element of our mission statement: it is our students and their families that are the core of our school, not just the students;
  • However you choose to participate, your participation will help us close the constant gap between the resources we already have and the demands created by always improving our children’s education;
  • Many of our financial support programs, such as our Amazon Affiliate Program, or registering your Supermarket Cards, are designed to cost you absolutely nothing, and integrate into financial activities you already conduct;
  • Some of our most important programs, such as our Fund Contributions, are fully tax deductible.

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