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In order to be successful 21st century learners, students need to be able to use technology as a tool.

Every teacher at SBCS uses visual and multimedia technology to enhance instruction for a diverse group of learners.  This includes the use of videos, slideshows, Google docs, apps, and more.

Students use technology in a variety of ways. For example, second and third graders take pictures of current events around school and write about them; fourth and fifth graders research a topic of interest and create a Prezi to share their knowledge with the class; fifth graders blog and reply to classmates through their blogs; students type their weekly writing, practice spelling lists, learn to keyboard, learn coding, and more.

Thanks to the generous support of parents and community members, in 2014 the Bright Futures Fund provided each classroom with a flat screen HDTV, a MacBook Air laptop, and an Apple TV device. We currently have two full class sets of iPads, half a class set of Chromebooks, and will have eight iPads in each classroom for daily use, by 2016.