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Our Vision for the Future

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”left” width=”100%” float=”none”] When you think about contributing and helping, knowing that the gap between financial goals and real resources is large, start by sharing our wish list (our “dreams” list would perhaps be more adequate). Then think about the difference your cooperation could make in making them a reality.

At first sight, a request for your support competes for attention with many others, many ideas, many demands. By so doing, our request for your help runs the risk of becoming “just another” request; and yet, we have a strong vision driving all our efforts, a vision that is designed to help your child, all children in our school, and the community at large.

Art Room

SBCS seeks to create a dedicated art room for students. While we currently have use of a multi-purpose room for doing art lessons with some classes, we would like to create a dedicated space. This room would be designed for both the creation and display of a wide variety of art projects. A dedicated art room would accomplish the following:

  • Allow efficient use of Art Specialist time.
  • Provide a dedicated space for large-scale art projects.
  • Gain the opportunity to display student art.

COST: Developing and stocking a designated art room would cost between $25,000 and $30,000. Annual supplies would cost between $10,000-$15,000.

Private Support Room

SBCS strives to meet the needs of every child, socially, emotionally, and academically. When children work with our school psychologist, need to undergo educational testing, or are working with our social group specialist, there is only one place for them to work confidentially—which is our large staff room/copy room/multi-use room. If this room is needed for confidential work, every other use must cease.

It would be ideal for us to have a smaller, confidential, private meeting room. A private meeting room would accomplish the following:

  • Student confidentiality can be maintained when students are given services that support their social and emotional needs.
  • No disruptions or distractions during educational testing.

COST: Buy or rent a small meeting room trailer or portable building that can be placed on our current site $8,000.

Outdoor Classroom

SBCS knows that learning happens everywhere and all the time. We value a hands-on approach to learning and appreciate offering students real-life studies whenever possible. The creation of an outdoor classroom would:

  • Help us continue our work of teaching children in multiple ways, and fortify our teaching through multiple intelligences.
  • Stimulate interdisciplinary studies and connect students to the world at large.
  • Help blur the lines between academic learning and creative play.

COST: Buy and install a gazebo or large shade structure with seating and shade for a class of 24 students. We also want an activity cart with relevant learning materials. $20,000 for the shade structure, $5,000 for seating, and $3,000 for the cart and supplies.

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