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After School Program

Homework and tutoring assistance, free play time, after school sports programs, and after school enrichment offerings from outside providers.

We offer before-school care from 7:15-8:15am Monday through Friday, and will be open for after-school care until 5:30pm each day.

Enrollment is available only through this website;  for questions or concerns, please email or phone Brenda Najera:   (805) 729-2152,

Parent Portal

Santa Barbara Charter School’s collaboration hub is called “ParentSquare”; it allows parents, staff and teachers to communicate, collaborate around projects and committees, and share content in a simple, transparent manner.

The product is simple to use, requiring only that parents have online and/or mobile connection to connect and be reached by other parents and school personnel.

In order to use ParentSquare, you need to have a user identity and credentials provided by the school.

If you don’t have the identity and/or credentials to access ParentSquare, you can request them using our contact form. If you do have the credentials and identity, you can access the portal using the link below. If you decide to do so, please remember that you are leaving SBCS’ website, and accessing ParentSquare’s.

The ParentSquare site is a third party product, with separate, independent private ownership, and its own privacy and security rules and capabilities.


SBCS 2023-2024 Calendar

If you prefer to print the whole calendar as a convenient list of events, please do as follows:

  • Select the “Agenda” tab on the upper right corner of the calendar
  • Once the agenda is displayed select the “Print” tab also on the top right corner.

YOU are our most valued resource

Whether participating in school programs, joining our parents association, or financially contributing to the school fund raising programs, your involvement in our school is a critical element of our mission statement: it is our students and their families that are the core of our school, not just the students. however you choose to participate, your will help us close the constant gap between the resources we already have and the demands created by always improving our children’s education.

Contacting our Staff

Stacy, Tolkin

Stacy is SBCS’ Special Education Director. She can be reached at

Aaron Butler-Martin

Aaron is Special Education Teacher, Tk-8. He can be reached at

Nastacia Echavarria

Nastacia teaches Kindergarten and first grades.  She can be reached at

Steve Schapansky

Steve Schapansky teaches Fifth and Sixth grades.  Steve can be reached at

Shalon Edwards

Shalon teaches Fourth and Fifth Grade. Shalon can be reached at

Maya Shoemaker

Maya teaches First and Second Grade.  Maya can be reached at


Sophie Fink

Sophie Fink teaches Second Grade.  She can be reached at

Laura Donner

Laura Donner is the Director of Education. She can be reached at

Les Stickles

Les teaches 6th grade. He can be reached at

Tanya Hansen

Tanya Hansen, Teacher, MTSS Intervention. She can be reached at

Sonia Morosin

Sonia teaches Kindergarten. She can be reached at

Jenny Witherell

Jenny teaches Third and Fourth grades. She can be reached at

Melissa Hagen

Melissa teaches Third and Fourth grades. She can be reached at

Doreen Edwards

Doreen teaches First grade. She can be reached at

Cristina Cullen

Cristina is the Director of Operations.

She can be reached at

Contacts Us

We are Santa Barbara Charter School. Our mission is to cultivate learning in the areas of arts, academics, and relationships.

We are a materials-based program and believe that learning takes place when students have an opportunity to construct meaning from their own experiences. Our goal is to provide an educational program with breadth and depth for students with different learning styles and types of intelligence.

We are located at 6100 Stow Canyon Rd, Goleta, CA 93117


Director of Education – Laura Donner-

Director of Operations – Cristina Cullen –


  • (805) 967-6522
  • (805) 967-6382 (fax)
  • After School Care: (805) 729-2152


  • Monday to Thursday, for students in grade 1-6:
    • School Hours: 8:15AM to 2:50PM
    • Kindergarten Hours: 8:15-1:30 PM
    • Office Hours: 8:00AM to 3:00PM
    • School Hours: 8:15AM to 1:00PM
    • Office Hours: 8:00AM to 1:00PMFriday, for all students grades K-6:
  • Before and After School Care program
    • In previous years, we provided this valuable service 7:30-8:15 AM and 1:00-5:30 PM School Days. We are now working on the next year, please send us a contact form below so we can keep you informed

Please park in the large lot, and come to our school office at the back of the campus, room 416, to check in for a visit.

Please contact us  

For immediate attention to your concerns, please use the input form below; your input will be reviewed before the end of the next business day:


Contact Us
All the information you provide us is only requested so that we can better understand how we can help you, and get back to you in the most expedient form possible (If you request it). We do NOT share any of your information with any external parties.
Your Full Name (First and Last)
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