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Santa Barbara Charter School uses a third-party on-line collaboration hub called “ParentSquare” to allow parents, staff and teachers to communicate, collaborate around projects and committees, and share content in a simple, transparent manner.

The product is simple to use, requiring only that parents have online and/or mobile connection to connect and be reached by other parents and school personnel.

In order to use ParentSquare, you need to have a user identity and credentials provided by the school.

If you don’t have the identity and/or credentials to access ParentSquare, you can request them using our contact form. If you do have the credentials and identity, you can access the portal using the link below. If you decide to do so, please remember that you are leaving SBCS’ website, and accessing ParentSquare’s.

The ParentSquare site is a third party product, with separate, independent private ownership, and its own privacy and security rules and capabilities.