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Elementary School

Santa Barbara Charter School opened September 15, 1993, on the campus of Goleta Valley Junior High School. The school was founded as a result of the commitment of a group of parents and educators who wished to affirm their support for public education by creating an alternative for families who want to be involved in a nontraditional school. Enrollment is not limited to Santa Barbara School District boundaries.

The Santa Barbara Charter School is a parent/staff cooperative with a child-centered approach to education. The school’s curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards. Elements of Waldorf, Montessori, and Humanistic models of education are incorporated. The theory of multiple intelligences is embraced as a foundation for both curriculum and methodology. Academics are taught through the arts, using drama, stories, music, art, and storytelling.

Home School

Homebased education is founded on the recognition that children are learning all the time. It is a natural extension of the school’s child centered philosophy, which recognizes parents as partners in the educational process, and it further individualizes a child’s education by providing opportunities for schooling as a combination of homebased independent studies and more structured activities in the school campus.

Long Term Independent Study: HomeBased Partnership (HBP) 

The HomeBased Partnership is a program which brings homeschoolers into the school on a part time basis. This unique program adds educational diversity to the school and supports SBCS’ original philosophy that learning happens all the time and in many places.
Visit the HomeBased Partnership’s website at www.sbcharter.org/hbp/

If you are interested in applying to the HomeBased Partnership please contact the program directly at (805) 696-6882 to set up a visit and fill out a pre-enrollment application.

The Homebased Partnership is a program in which homeschooled children attend school at least one day per week. The children work independently or with each other. Many take advantage of rich offerings by specialists.

All daily activities are documented by parents and regularly presented to the liaison teacher who provides feedback and suggestions. The teacher meets with families, assists with curriculum, and discusses other details of the children’s education.  The SBCS HBP complies with California Independent Study regulations to provide a public home education for students and their families.

Short Term Independent Study

SBCS Short Term Independent Study provides a method for students to participate in teacher assigned school activities, when they are not physically at campus.  Families may contract with teachers and SBCS for Short Term Independent Study when they can anticipate the absence in advance.  Time spent away from school may include home study with parents, special lessons, or traveling.   In order to count as official attendance, students must satisfy the work product requirements established by the teacher in the contract. Both the Homebased (Long Term Independent Study) and Short Term Independent Study programs go a long way in truly individualizing a child’s education.

Before and After School Program (ASP) / Summer Camp

We are currently working on our After School program for next year. Please contact us at the number below if you want us to keep you informed. Thanks!

Child care is offered on-site both before and after school. This self-sustaining program provides rich, creative and physical outlets for children. The program is designed to serve SBCS families by being open on days when school is not in session, or the school is closed for vacation.

To learn more about the program, contact the Before and After School Program at 967-6522 ext. 116 or 729-2152.