Our staff

Our staff

Sonia Morosin

Sonia teaches Kindergarten. She can be reached at smorosin@sbunified.org

Shalon Edwards

Shalon teaches Fifth Grade. Shalon can be reached at shedwards@sbunified.org.

Grace Butler

Grace teaches First and Second Grade.  Grace can be reached at gbutler@sbunified.org.

Cristina Cullen

Cristina is the Director of Operations.

She can be reached at cduran@sbunified.org

Linda Cowen

Linda is the Director of Special Education. She can be reached at lcowen@sbunified.org

Les Stickles

Les teaches 6th grade. He can be reached at lstickles@sbunified.org

Laura Donner

Laura Donner is the Director of Education. She can be reached at ldonner@sbunified.org

Sophie Fink

Sophie Fink teaches Second Grade.  She can be reached at sfink@sbunified.org.

Bev Abrams

Bev is the Learning Center Specialist. She can be reached at babrams@sbunified.org

Tanya Hansen

Tanya Hansen, Teacher on Special Assignment. She can be reached at thansen@sbunified.org

Jenny Witherell

Jenny teaches Fourth grade. She can be reached at jwitherell@sbunified.org

Steve Schapansky

Steve Schapansky teaches Fifth and Sixth Grade.  Steve can be reached at sschapansky@sbunified.org.

Doreen Edwards

Doreen teaches 3rd grade. She can be reached at dedwards@sbunified.org

Nastacia Echavarria

Nastacia teaches Kindergarten and first grades.  She can be reached at nechavarria@sbunified.org

Jennifer Butler

Jennifer teaches Third and Fourth grades. She can be reached at jbutler@sbunified.org