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News from Santa Barbara Charter School

Our third-sixth graders enjoyed the PCPA show “Breaking Through” earlier this week—This story recounts the Jimenez family’s journey back into the United States after having been deported to Mexico. This time the family applies for legal entry to the US and no longer hear “La Mirgra”. ...During the months and years that follow, Francisco learns that the great opportunities America can offer do not come easily. As a student at Santa Maria High School, he discovered his passion for literature and education and he is encouraged by his teachers to apply to college. However, from living in poverty and working long hours doing field labor, a division is created between father and son. Francisco’s dream of going to college is shattered when his father makes it clear they will face financial ruin if the family does not stay together.
“Breaking Through” explores the topics of literature, reading, English as a second language, social injustice, pre justice, cultural differences, and Santa Maria history.

The coffee truck is returning! Every Thursday morning in the small parking lot, starting Nov 10. See you there! @usofe.santabarbara

On Friday Witchy Poo came to visit one of our kindergarten classes! She read us a story and taught us how to spell BOO 👻 (Kristen, Marin and Harper’s Mama)